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Dr Nan Xia has more than 30 years clinical experience and helped thousands of patients with various issues and symptoms. 

She distinguishes her treatments from most conventional acupuncture therapy that she established “Balanced Acupuncture”. This stems from her background as her medical training started as a western medical doctor and then transferred to traditional Chinese Medical training. 

Her method is to diagnose with western scientific principles and treat the symptoms with acupuncture. With her deep understanding of nerves, muscles, skeletal systems on western medical training, she can pinpoint the root cause of the problems and symptoms. Then by performing the specific acupuncture techniques she invented during 30 years of treating patients, most patients feel pain relief instantly. 

Dr Nan is proud of treating patients that have been deemed as “difficult” or “need to live with it” by NHS or other clinics. You can always rely on Dr Nan to give you the most suitable advice and treatments.

Dr Nan Xia

Dr Nan


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