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Spinal & Peripheral Joint Mobilisation Course for Manual Therapists
19th May & 2nd June 2024

This comprehensive practical 2-day workshop provide participants with a sound overview of both the underpinning principles of joint mobilisation and lots of hands-on techniques to develop confidence in the correct application of techniques for use in management of patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Joint Mobilisations are one of the most effective tools a practitioner can use for treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. They can be used to treat both joints and soft tissues to improve overall joint range of movement. 

These techniques are overlooked on some training programs. Many practitioners leave their training with very little or no experience of these valuable techniques. As a result, missing out on potentially the missing link when it comes to providing more useful treatments. 

This course is perfect for practitioners looking to have a complete understanding of the human body and knowing how the health of the joints can affect pain all over the body.  By completing this course, it equips the practitioner with skills relevant to proceed to the next course of Spinal & Peripheral Joint Manipulation.

Course Overview – Day 1

  • Principles of Joint Mobilisation

  • Spinal

    • Lumbar

    • Thoracic + Ribs + Diaphragm

    • Pelvis/Sacroiliac Joint

    • Cervical

    • Temporomandibular Joint

Course Overview – Day 2

  • Peripheral Joint Mobilisation

    • Shoulder + Sternoclavicular + Acromioclavicular Joint

    • Elbow/Wrist/Hand

    • Hip

    • Knee

    • Ankle/Foot

In this course you are going to learn:

  • How to assess the joints for treatment, and contraindications/red flags 

  • Gaining key hands-on experience

  • Learn mobilisation techniques for spine and periphery including the hips, SI joints, lumbar spine, TMJ 

  • Become a specialist for people who have chronic or hard to deal with issues

  • Learn the anatomy and physiology of the joints as it relates to local and global pain within the body

Who this course is for:

  • FHT Members* (Special Rate Applied)

  • Clinical Massage/Sports Massage Therapists

  • Sports Therapists/Students of Sports Therapy

  • Acupuncture Practitioners inc TCM/Students of TCM

  • Chiropractors/Students of Chiropractic

  • Kinesiologists/Students of Kinesiology

  • Physiotherapists/Students of Physiotherapy

  • Osteopaths/Students of Osteopathy

If your profession is not listed here, please contact us to discuss.​


  • Participants are required to complete the 2-day workshop for attainment of CPD Certificate.

  • After completion of Integrated Manual Medicine Ltd (IMM) CPD courses.  Participants can get preferential rates for bespoke insurance cover with insurance for their Foyht Heath & Wellbeing sector.  Click here to complete the BGI Form.

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