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Attended Misericordia University for his doctorate degree in physical therapy. Has worked in varying settings including inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilitates, and outpatient therapy. Dr. Charles founded his practice Mobile Therapy Services in 2016 when he noticed a gap in the continuum of care for older adults requiring therapy at home.

Dr. Charles has a passion for diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and has done extensive in person training with mentor Jeannine Noble PT, RMSK from the WCUI School Of Medical Imaging. Also, in August 2022 he trained with world renowned leading expert in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound Dr. Jon Jacobson MD, RMSK at the Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute in Florida. In June 2023, Dr. Charles will be training with Sonoskills for a 4 day training in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Additionally, Dr. Charles passed the RMSK exam in November 2022 earning the RMSK credential which is the highest certification of proficiency in diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound. As of March 2023, Dr. Charles became a faculty member at Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute In Florida and assists teaching on site in St. Petersburg Florida at courses.


In February 2023, Mobile Therapy Services and Dr. Charles will be hosting world renowned London Osteopath Dr. David Lintonbon DO in their Dallas PA clinic. From February 3-5th Dr. Lintonbon DO will be instructing Dr. Charles on further training on osteopathic assessment and treatment of the spine and peripheral joints.


In December 2022 Dr. Stevens Earned the AIB- VAM certification from the American Institute of Balance. This certification in vestibular assessment and management will allow Dr. Stevens the ability to assess and treat the dizzy patient.


As of summer 2023 Dr. Stevens earned Titleist Level 1 and Titleist Level 2 Medical certifications to better assist golfers improve their game and get out pain.

Charles Stevens

Dr Charles Stevens

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