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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get CPD points after completing this course and how will they be recorded or documented?

Yes each day of a course is worth 7 CPD Points which are printed on your CPD Certificate with Name of the attendee, Subject, Date and Venue of the Course.  If you complete a 3-day course it is worth 21 CPD points.  We keep a copy of the CPD Certificate issued for our record.

Do students get a certificate at the end? Is the certificate recognised for CPD?

Yes, each participant who successfully completes a CPD course is awarded a certificate at the end which includes subject completed and number of CPD points.

How many students are in class and how students are expected to practice?

Classes are usually between 10-20 participants.  First, the applied anatomy and pathology are discussed.  Then assessments and techniques are demonstrated before participants pair up or work in 3s to practice under supervision.

Do you provide insurance coverage for the course? Will my professional insurance be enough? 

Yes, we hold teaching insurance, along with a block insurance package that each successful participant can obtain a discounted rate with BGI.

Can an undergraduate student with no professional insurance take part in your courses?

Undergraduate students that already have their existing professional background ie sports massage or have experience working with clients for strength and rehabilitation eg personal training.  We advise students to revise their anatomy knowledge of the relevant region of the body, before attending our course.  

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