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Dry Needling/Medical Acupuncture Course (Level 1)
Pre-Reading Day 1 & Day 2 Practical - 15th September 2024

Introduction to Medical Acupuncture (Level 1)

Day 1 Course Outline

Neurophysiology of Acupuncture
Physiological effects of Acupuncture


Theoretical Components
•    A Brief History of Acupuncture 
•    Evolution of needling and uses to treat MSK conditions.
•    Statutory Regulation/GDPR
•    Acupuncture legislation
•    How to carry out safe needling techniques
•    Contraindications to needling.
•    Safety research
•    Adverse reactions and how to deal with them.
•    Safety Guidelines
•    TCM Theory
•    Overview of the basic philosophies
•    Interrelation with treatment of MSK conditions
•    Introduction to the Meridians

Day 2 Course Outline

Practical Components
o    How to Safely Handle the Needle
o    Needling Location and the use of Cun measurements
o    Safety and Anatomical landmarks
o    4 Gates Demonstration
o    Practical needling on partners
o    Theory and uses to treat MSK pain.


The IMM Dry Needling/Medical Acupuncture Level 1 teaches technical proficiency in foundational dry needling techniques and traditional acupuncture points. 

This course gives practitioners the tools to elevate their practice and fosters confidence and competence to integrate dry needling and use of traditional acupuncture points into practice the very next day. 

The needling points taught include lumbar spine, posterior hip, thigh and lower extremity, cervical spine, shoulder and upper extremity.

Anatomy, safety, precautions, and psychomotor aspects of needling are reinforced alongside instruction in history, supportive evidence, clinical application reasoning and use of traditional dry needling points to treat common musculoskeletal conditions encountered in your clinic.   


Level 1 is a hybrid learning experience that integrates pre-reading learning prior to the intensive practical day of teaching.

Level 1 gives you 14 hours CPD and meets all professional and indemnity insurance requirements. 

On successful completion it allows you to apply for the IMM Level 2 then 3 on advanced needling, use of electrical acupuncture TENS and fire cupping.


After completion of Integrated Manual Medicine Ltd (IMM) CPD courses.  Participants can get preferential rates for bespoke insurance cover with insurance for their Foyht Heath & Wellbeing sector.  Click here to complete the BGI Form.

Course Objectives/Outcomes
Upon completion of this course the learner will be able to:
•    Describe the practice of Acupuncture/ Dry Needling, including how this adjunctive  treatment can influence functional outcomes for patients
•    Apply solid clinical reasoning in the application of needling 
•    Describe the appropriate use of combined needling and use of distal and Ashi points for enhanced outcomes
•    Demonstrate safe, effective, and appropriate application of needling
•    Discuss the scope of practice, functional benefits, and advocacy considerations regarding needling 
•    Discuss evidenced-based, patient-centered intervention case scenarios that reflect best clinical practice in needling.

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